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About Our Bushang Technology


Bushang Technology offers a comprehensive suite of manufacturing services, encompassing SLA, Vacuum Casting, CNC Machining, Aluminum tooling & Injection Molding, and Steel tooling & Injection Molding, catering to product development across various stages.  Leveraging our engineering team's extensive expertise in manufacturing and project management, we have successfully facilitated the launch of numerous projects for designers and engineers over the past 15 years.  Our experience spans diverse industries, including Medical, Mechanical, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Aerospace.

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what service we can offer

Whether your project is in its early prototype phase or nearing mass production, we are prepared to assist and steer it towards the most fitting technologies.  Our commitment is to ensure your parts exhibit top-notch quality, prompt delivery, and cost efficiency.  Driven by a passion for mutual growth and development with our clients, we adhere to principled approaches and visionary strategies for every project.

what we can offer

We specialize in high-precision solutions that seamlessly blend performance, flexibility, and meticulous care, bringing your concepts to life. Let us support you with:

  • Design for Manufacturing Support
  • Prototyping and Development
  • Engineering and Injection Mold Manufacturing
  • Custom Plastic Injection Molding
  • Precision CNC Machining
  • Sheet Metal Stamping
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Custom Aluminum Mold and Small Batch Injection Molding Production
  • Project Management
  • Finishes, Assembly, Packaging
  • Collaboration with Short-term or High-volume Contract Manufacturers

Why Choose Bushang Rapid For Your Next Project ?

  • 1. What manufacturing services does Extensive Manufacturing Services offer?

    Extensive Manufacturing Services Offers a wide range of manufacturing services, including SLA, vacuum casting, CNC machining, aluminum molds and injection molding, and steel molds and injection molding.  These services cover all stages of product development.
  • 2. How do broad manufacturing services demonstrate their expertise?

    Extensive Manufacturing Services demonstrates their expertise through its engineering team’s extensive knowledge in manufacturing and project management. With 15 years of successful project launches, they provide valuable assistance to designers and engineers in various industries.
  • 3. Can extensive manufacturing services assist with product design?

    Yes, a wide range of manufacturing services can provide valuable assistance in product design. Their engineering team’s expertise in manufacturing and project management enables them to provide guidance and support to designers and engineers.
  • 4. Which industries are suitable for a wide range of manufacturing services?

    A wide range of manufacturing services to meet the needs of different industries. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise allows them to serve designers and engineers in a variety of fields, from automotive and electronics to healthcare and consumer products.
  • 5. Can the manufacturing services provided by Extensive Manufacturing Services be customized?

    Yes, the manufacturing services provided by Extensive Manufacturing Services are customizable. They understand that different projects have unique requirements and work closely with customers to provide tailor-made manufacturing solutions. Whether it's SLA, vacuum casting, CNC machining or injection molding, Extensive Manufacturing Services can tailor its services to meet specific project needs.