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Food Grade Silicone Comfortable Outdoor Travel Walking Pet Bowl

Product description

The Silicone Pet Slow Feeder is a reliable and safe product designed to help pets slow down their eating pace. Made from high-quality silicone.

By encouraging a slower eating speed, the feeder aids in better digestion and it adds an element of fun to mealtime.

Material: Solid silicone

Hardness range:10A-90A

Process: Solid compression moulding

Size:can be customized

Purpose: Pet feeding, pet toys, pet training

Product Detail

1. Smooth surface without burrs: attention to details, precision casting of molds, five-step product inspection, quality assurance.

2. 100% silicone soft material, non-toxic and wear-resistant ensures the safety and health of pet products and gives each animal unlimited fun.

3.Silicone pet molds are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. Silicone pet slow feeder, pet feeding mat, pet toy, pet bath brush,massage brush etc.



Silicone products are more and more favored by customers because they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic products. It is also widely used in pet products, such as silicone pet bowl, pet feeding mat, pet toy, pet bath brush,massage brush, treat pouch and many other products.