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Flame retardant silicone rubber

Excellent physical and mechanical properties and processablity,easy demoulding.

Excellent flammability ,fire retardant achieve V0 class in UL 94 standard,1mm producthas yellow card certificate from US UL laboratory.

Product has passed Reach environmental protection test, halogen-free, red-d phosphorus-free, non-toxic.

Foaming products: flat and smooth product surface, uniform foaming.


    Suitable for electrical products with strict fire retardant requirements, such as fire retardant gaskets, fire retardant sealing rings, wire sleeves, terminal covers and other products.
    Suitable for foaming silicone rubber products with strict fire retardant requirements.

    Technical Data

    acdsv (1)n5q

    Processing Technic

    acdsv (2)cbo

    Package & Storage

    acdsv (3)qv2